New Shows Coming Soon

So, we have landed!! We have a few shows under our belt, and things are going really well. The Breakfast Disco is being really well received (as I had hoped) and our Mixlr platform is growing (as are all our other platforms)

The Website is a bit of a labour of love as this is being worked on, and will continue to grow and develop as time goes on, as I see the Station itself growing. But for now, its ticking along nicely and I’m really pleased with the work that has gone into this too. (What else was I supposed to get the wife doing whilst Furloughed during this Lockdown we are all facing)

So What Next?

Well, I’m working on some new show ideas! I’ve got one in the pipeline which is due to be broadcasting early May 2020, and one that I am NOT involved with!

I’m in talks with some other DJ’s who may want to come online and show us what they got! Whilst this was born out of a love for the 80s era, anything goes! We want to play music to make people happy – so if its disco, 80’s, 90’s, UK Garage or even House music, I will welcome you all!

If you want to talk, just drop me an email on

Blitz Kids Radio · The Breakfast Disco (11/04/2020)